School Info Day

School Info Day


With years of film and television production experience behind him, Sydney singer and multi-instrumentalist (banjo, mandolin, guitar) Ross Hamilton introduces a new and personal Australian learning experience, which brings to life our wonderful history through music, song, dance, poetry and story-telling.

A long-time lover of Australian music and history (and using a collection of fine old musical instruments), Ross uses his own family history to take the students on a lively and exciting journey through our colourful past.

Starting with the first member of his family, a convict arriving from Ireland under the Governorship of Lachlan Macquarie in the early 19th century, he follows each generations’ footsteps through the discovery of gold and the rise of the bushrangers, through the stagecoach days of Cobb and Co., to the shearers, the world wars, the Great Depression and finally to modern-day Australia.

In each period he sings songs and recites the famous poets to take the students back into the past and paint a vivid picture of the hardships, joys, struggles and also the humour of bygone days.

Combining inter-active fun with old Aussie instruments (the bones, the spoons and the lagerphones), he also introduces students (and teachers) to some early Australian dances, which are taught during the show.

A great teaching tool and valuable resource for teachers, this lively history show is now available for bookings. Combined with the three volume set “Greatest Australian Songs” DVD’S, it is a unique and fresh way to bring Australian history to life!