This collection of 24 historical songs and lyrics performed by Stringybark provide the historical soundscape for key defining moments in Australia’s story including colonisation, Gold, Eureka Stockade, the birth of the nation on the Sheep’s back, Federation and Anzac. These songs are historical sources that evoke images, sounds and icons from these periods. The songs present rich perspectives for students to develop their historical thinking. Students can interpret, explore and contest the perspectives. The collection includes the lyrics, a DVD of the historical context using sources and performances of these songs. It would be an extremely useful resource to support the new NSW History Syllabus.
- Dr. Kay Carroll, History Teachers’ Association of New South Wales

Presenting a unique three DVD set entitled “Greatest Australian Songs” by Stringybark.

An exciting new concept of song and Australian history, the first two DVD’s contain twenty four well-known Australian songs, that cover the period of early settlement through to the present day. Each song is accompanied by ON-SCREEN LYRICS to facilitate fast learning and also features over four hundred pieces of artwork, sketches, drawings, photos etc. sourced from the archives of the National Library of Australia, Trove and all of the State Libraries, accompanied by the rousing music of Australian band Stringybark.

The two volumes of songs are partnered with a third DVD entitled “Greatest Australian Songs Information Packs”, which contain historical backgrounds for seventeen of the songs, more featured artwork, plus SHEET MUSIC and LYRICS SHEETS. This is intended as a convenient learning tool to assist teachers to expand the meaning and history of the songs in a modern-day context. It is also a valuable tool for choirmasters and music teachers.

The subjects of some of the songs include:

Banjo Paterson, Convict Transportation to Australia, the Clipper Route between England and Australia on the Roaring Forties, the bushranger Bold Jack Donoghue, the famous goldfields artist Samuel Thomas Gill, the history of Australia’s National Parks, the founders of the wool industry John and Elizabeth Macarthur, the Discovery of Gold and the Eureka Stockade, the author Henry Lawson, Jackie Howe Australia’s record-breaking shearer, the history of Bullock Teams in Australia, Captain Arthur Phillip, Captain James Cook, Sir Joseph Banks and Australia’s flora and fauna, the writer Peter Dodds McCormick 1834-1916, who composed Advance Australia Fair and the Gallipoli landing in 1915.

The discs have recently been given the following catalogue numbers by Education Services Australia:

“Greatest Australian Songs Volume One” by Stringybark, SCIS Number 1724966

“Greatest Australian Songs Volume Two” by Stringybark, SCIS number 1737564.

The discs are suitable for years 3-10 and detailed ACARA OUTCOMES for teachers and Librarians are available upon request.

Short demos of each of the twenty four songs can be viewed PREVIEW DVD HERE

A number of years in development including research, recordings, location filming and editing to the highest production standards, we are proud to present this fresh and dynamic new package of Australiana to schools, learning institutions and all those lovers of Australian songs and history.

(Also please visit the “History Alive!” School History Show page to book the show, a wonderful live presentation to accompany the DVD set.

Using guitar, mandolin plus a collection of Aussie bush instruments, we present an historical interactive session for students that includes teaching old Australian songs and dances along with historical photos and artwork (ie convicts, the discovery of gold, bushrangers etc.)